One of my brothers came to me and said that I should give some of the guys out of the neighborhood that Mommie had raised up along with us, give them a chance to make some money selling my drugs; And we are all family. We put together a plan that would upset the Bay Area, and put me behind the scenes. This was the beginning of The Family.

From The Book

In the sumnmer of 1977 I was selling herion out of my apartment when the Oakland Vice Officers kicked in my door with their guns drawn, screaming they had a search warrant, demanding my lady to lay down on the floor,

They searched the apartment, but they didn't find anything. So this prompted my brother and I to put together a Plan that would upset Oakland and put me behind the scene. That was the beginning of "The Family". December 10, 1984, the Oakland Vice Officers and the FBI raided my home in the Oakland Hills, where they found money, herion, and cocaine.

I was arrested and faced fifty years in the Federal Penitentiary. The day after my arrest, I made Jesus the Lord of my life, and months later I pleaded guilty and were sentenced to twenty years in the Federal Penitentiary, (which I called my Wilderness), learning the ways of The Lord Jesus Christ. Now I am back on the streets, pushing a new drug; and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you get high on Him, you will be high forever.


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